Top Must-Have Mens Accessories for the Dappered Gentleman

Even for the no-fuss minimalists, there are some accessories that men have to consider to include in their wardrobe.

Sometimes, accessories may be overlooked or forgotten, yet styled right, they can also elevate your look. Below are some of the essential accessories that every man must have:


#1 Watch

mens watches

Each guy requires a go-to watch. Good watches will go with any type of outfit and must not be very flashy unless you want to go scuba diving.

If possible, keep your watch simple. Something polished and minimal will do the trick.

Avoid casual watch straps that are made of plastic or fabric. But rather, consider leather or metal straps as well as accents in the darker colors.


#2 Pocket Square

pocket square

When you are sporting a suit, a good way for you to tie your whole look together is with a pocket square.

These are versatile accessories that come in different prints and fabrics and may be worn a number of ways depending on how casual or dressy your outfit is.




These are used to be a common accessory, yet it’s often overlooked at present in favor of more simple or casual dress.

However, never underestimate the impact of such tiny fasteners on your outfit. Even the understated dresser can have a classy look with the use of the best pair of cufflinks.

You can also use French cuffs, which are an ideal choice for a lot of occasions such as galas, dates, weddings, and interviews.

These also come in different materials and shapes, yet you will never go wrong with the classic silver style.


#4 Scarf

mens scarf

An elegant yet subtle scarf will change your whole style. If it isn’t cold enough to warrant a scarf, do not wear one.

Play around with the patterns, colors, and fabrics until you find the one that perfectly suits to your skin and hair color, and matches your wardrobe’s tones.

If you want to achieve a minimalist look, you can try simple gray or black scarf in light fabric. If you are more adventurous with your preferred styles, you can experiment with bold patterns, bigger knits, and brighter colors.


#5 Bold Socks

bold socks


Most men probably own at least a few pair of classic socks, yet once you are out looking for another one, it could be interesting to consider a pair of bold socks.

The reason behind it is that this is the accessory where you can go all out as well as still look professional. You may choose socks with bright colors, stripes, polka dots, or other patterns.


#6 Tie Clip

tie clip

Originally, tie clips were used to prevent ties from flapping away from the chest, which could result in wrinkles.

The basis of this function remains the same at present, yet the tie clip also represents a chance for adding a unique twist to your outfit.

You may choose tie clips in classic silver or gold.


#7 Leather Belt

leather belt

While belts are said to be a common accessory, your daily belt might probably look a bit beat-up for the moment.

It is crucial to have a great leather version in your collection for more formal and dressier occasions.

Leather belts look best and very durable. Choose the leather belts in standard black with the silver buckle as this will go with almost all of your outfits.

Once you have all of these accessories, you can be assured that you will have a top-notch style always!