Look Sharp & Feel Comfortable with the Ultimate Semi Casual Look

It’s pretty tempting to just grab the nearest shirt and pants in your closet if you are running late for work. But hey! Isn’t that too stereotypical? If you are trying to rock a semi casual look, either for business or a summer night out, shirts and jeans will no longer do the job today. Why not try a humble pair of jeans and a great blazer instead?

Jeans and blazers are two pivotal clothing items that will easily make you the crowd’s favorite without even trying. From dinner to drinks and other semi-causal occasions, you can count on this pair to pull off things perfectly.

However, you don’t just haphazardly wear any blazer on any pair of jeans, mind you. Just like anything else in fashion, there are rules to follow so that you can perfect the blazer and jeans combination in an effortless and subtle way.

For the Blazer

More than anything else, color is critical when looking for the best blazer to pair with your jeans. To stay on the safe side, navy is the best choice. This is ultra versatile, complementing a spectrum of colors. Grey can also work terrifically, with different shades to go well with different complexions. The key here is to know the color that suits you best.

Check the Fit

When fitting your blazer, make sure that sleeves are around wrist level and shoulders are appropriately aligned with your shoulders. You also have to ensure that you wouldn’t go for something too fit or too loose. Your goal here is a streamline and youthful tailoring.

How About the Jeans?

In men’s realm, a great pair of jeans is no doubt one of the wisest investments you can ever make. Never think twice on splurging on great denim though this doesn’t mean that you can’t look for excellent alternatives with a more affordable price tag. When looking for jeans that you can pair with blazer, choose darker styles that will anchor your looks or go for lighter versions for a more casual day appeal.

Since semi-dressy attire is your goal here, avoid wearing extremely skinny or overly distressed jeans. Of course, you shouldn’t do away with formality. Your best bet is slim cut as this will let you cut a more streamlined silhouette maintaining a youthful edge. Navy shades of jeans are wonderful life savers as you can pair them with a plethora of blazer colors available today.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Obviously, no blazer and jeans pair will be complete without donning on the most appropriate shoes. Here, you got plenty of options but see to it that you don’t go for too casual ones. A great leather or suede loafer, boot or oxford amazingly complements a blazer and denim combination, exuding a more dressed up look.

As far as comfort and relaxed outfits are concerned, gone are the days when shirts are your only option. A great blazer paired with equally great jeans will surely make heads turn the moment you walk down the streets.