Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip & Credit Card Holder – Your Everyday Money Carry Choice


In a rapidly cashless world, money clips have become an effective yet overlooked carry option for the minimalist’s cash and cards.

It is also hard to argue that wallets are one of the most commonly and used essential items. As such, a big number of wallets with widely different styles, sizes, designs, and materials effectively saturate men’s accessory market.

For a lot of people, searching for the best EDC wallet still takes lots of trial and error, despite the available options to pick from. Luckily, money clips were invented and one of these is the Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip and Credit Card Holder.



Product Description

The Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip and Credit Card Holder is known for its classic and shiny look. Once paired with several $20 bills, no one will know you only dropped $10 on it.

With this, you do not have to work on the street to carry your cash with a little swag. Whether you are buying a luxury yacht or coffee, make yourself set apart with this compact money clip. This will also stop that unsightly bulge in the pocket.

Never let the movie mobsters and Gordon Gecko keep all the finest styles as well as fashions for themselves. So, treat yourself to this classy and cool money clip.


Product Features

  • No additional pocket bulk, which is a modern alternative to the bulky wallets.
  • Premium stainless steel that’s made by AccMarket.
  • Smooth finish that comes with a luxury feel and looks, which help users keep their credit cards and bills with style.
  • It features an exceptional velvet bag as this can be a good gift for graduation, wedding, father’s day, corporate events, Christmas, and anniversary for someone special.
  • Because of its minimalist design, it’s highly recommended to use with ten to fifteen bills or notes folded in half or three to five cards.


Fit, Finish, and Design

All in all, Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip and Credit Card Holder is no doubt exceptional when it comes to design, finish, and fit. From its physical appearance to its uses, you can be assured that this money clip will give you freedom from hassles when carrying your cards and cash, providing you a whole new level of convenience.



  • Carries slimy and feels nice
  • Attractive material and design with good finish and fit
  • Easy to use
  • Durable, waterproof, and lightweight


  • Loose cash may crumble
  • Lacks security


The Bottom Line

Think about your cash and cards right now. How often you make transactions? How many cards do you carry? And, how do you carry your cards or cash? With such questions, you will surely consider investing in a money clip. So, if you want something that will give you ease when carrying cash or card, Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip, and Credit Card Holder is a good choice. With its features and sturdy built, you can guarantee that it will make a difference.


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