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Top 7 Accessories in Every Gentleman’s Closet

Top Must-Have Mens Accessories for the Dappered Gentleman Even for the no-fuss minimalists, there are some accessories that men have to consider to include in their wardrobe. Sometimes, accessories may be overlooked or forgotten, yet styled right, they can also elevate your look. Below are some of the essential accessories that every man must have:   #1 Watch Each guy requires a go-to watch. Good watches will go with any type of outfit and must not be very flashy unless you want to go scuba diving. If possible, keep your watch simple. Something polished and minimal will do the trick....

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Semi Casual Look: Blazer and Jeans

Look Sharp & Feel Comfortable with the Ultimate Semi Casual Look It’s pretty tempting to just grab the nearest shirt and pants in your closet if you are running late for work. But hey! Isn’t that too stereotypical? If you are trying to rock a semi casual look, either for business or a summer night out, shirts and jeans will no longer do the job today. Why not try a humble pair of jeans and a great blazer instead? Jeans and blazers are two pivotal clothing items that will easily make you the crowd’s favorite without even trying. From dinner...

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Classic Cufflinks By Men’s Collection

Classic Cufflinks By Men’s Collection – Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Style Cufflinks are the tools used to fasten shirt cuffs closed. They are a good alternative to buttons, which are typically sewn into their shirt cuffs. The defining feature is that the cufflinks are separate objects. You can sew this into the shirt and this is a button, yet if it is fully removable it is a cufflink. Just like the buttons, cufflinks come in numerous sizes, styles, shapes, and materials. Usually, they offer a bit more contrast compared to the buttons and considered as a more...

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HJ Men’s Rhodium Plated Initial Letter Cufflinks: A Classy Choice for the Modern Man

HJ Men’s Rhodium Plated Initial Letter Cufflinks: Classy Choice for the Modern Man   There are only a few accessories that can make a man look chic and more appealing. This may be because men are born to look simpler and more natural. But, with the advance of fashion, more and more pieces of accessories became an integral aspect of a man’s wardrobe, giving off the ultimate statement about his personal taste, style, and preferences. Cufflinks happen to be among the hottest and most in-demand accessories that many gentlemen would love to add to their wardrobe and the HJ Men’s...

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Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip & Credit Card Holder

Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip & Credit Card Holder – Your Everyday Money Carry Choice   In a rapidly cashless world, money clips have become an effective yet overlooked carry option for the minimalist’s cash and cards. It is also hard to argue that wallets are one of the most commonly and used essential items. As such, a big number of wallets with widely different styles, sizes, designs, and materials effectively saturate men’s accessory market. For a lot of people, searching for the best EDC wallet still takes lots of trial and error, despite the available options to pick from. Luckily, money...

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A Gentleman should have the necessary accessories to complement his fashion statement and always boast a classic and dapper style. We want to help you find the most elegant, sharp and affordable mens accessories.

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